4 Easy Ways to Invite Friends to Cocktails Events

Cocktails for a Cause Events - Rene HardingFor Cocktails to successfully support local charities, our wonderful community of volunteers and donors promotes our events. The more events our friends, co-workers and family can attend, the bigger the difference we can make in Denver! So here are a few fun and easy ways you can invite them to Cocktails for a Cause events:


1. Share the Event’s Invitation

Hurry up and start winning with lotto online spiele at our casino. Limited supply! We send our invitations by mail, email and social media. When you see the invite, share it with a loved one and others who’d enjoy attending. Make sure you are receiving the evites by entering your email address in the upper-right column.


Cocktails for a Cause Volunteers - Rene Harding, Cocktails for a Cause

2. Show Your Cocktails Orange

Do you want to know how to win as quickly as possible? Play with the online pokies australia real money no deposit bonus right now. There’s a lot of money and fun! If you have a Cocktails’ orange T-shirt, be sure to wear it. It’ll spark conversation when you’re out with your buddies. Or take a picture wearing your T-shirt and post it on your Facebook or Instagram site.


3. Like, Comment, Share or Re-Tweet on Social Media

We regularly post updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. If one grabs your interest, hit like/share/re-tweet. Or even better, make a quick comment! It’ll get noticed by your friends. Don’t forget our hashtag: #Cocktails4Cause.

Share about Cocktails for a Cause - Rene Harding, Cocktails for a Cause


4. What do YOU Love about Cocktails?

Every supporter has her reasons why she enjoys Cocktails for a Cause events. What’s yours? You’ll really get your loved ones’ attention by just sharing what you think is fun/exciting/rewarding about being there.


Thanks so much for your help. Together we’ll grow our events and empower more Denver nonprofits to support people in need.


Do you have creative ideas for recruiting friends, co-workers  and family to Cocktails for a Cause events?

Please share by contacting Rene Harding, founder and president of Cocktails for a Cause, at (303) 885-0497 or Reneharding2@gmail.com


Cocktails for a Cause
Rene Harding, Founder & President