What’s Cocktails for a Cause for a Crisis? – Rene Harding

Kazog Toys - Denver Santa Workshop - Cocktails for a Cause, Rene Harding

Kazog Toys and Cocktails for a Cause quickly came together to help the Denver Santa Claus Shop.

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So when a crisis arises, CFAC for a Crisis will be our unofficial fourth event for the year. We will find out from those involved in the emergency how we can do hand-to-hand giving. Then we’ll send out alerts about the items in need to our community via email and social media. For the next week you can donate items at our designated drop spots throughout the city. And true to Cocktails’ style, we’ll host an informal cocktail party on the last day of the week to gather all the items and thank volunteers for their immediate efforts!  Partnering with A Precious Child, we’ll make sure the items get directly into the hands of those in need.

Last year was our first CFAC for a Crisis event, when the Santa Claus Shop discovered they would be $10,000 short of toy donations for families eager to provide their children Christmas gifts. Here’s the story from Lynn Stambaugh:

Help us make CFAC for a Crisis happen!
If you learn a local charity has a significant, urgent need, please contact us.

Contact Rene Harding, Founder & President of Cocktails for a Cause
(303) 885-0497

Cocktails for a Cause
Rene Harding, Founder & President