Cocktails Learns More About A Precious Child

logo - A Precious ChildDo you want to know how to win as quickly as possible? Play with the online pokies real money no deposit bonus right now. There's a lot of money and fun! As summer is winding down, we are beginning to prepare for our last event of 2016. On October 19, Cocktails for a Cause will gather for our 26th event. We are eternally grateful for the enthusiasm of our team, guests and charities as we continue to grow. Every charity that we have supported has been unique, from animal shelters to battered women, and nearly anything in between. Aside from raising items for these local organizations, our main mission is to educate our Cocktails community on each local nonprofit we are sponsoring, in the hopes that these charities’ missions will continue to resonate after our benefit is held.


APC - Group Cocktails is thrilled to introduce A Precious Child, our beneficiary in October. A Precious Child is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with 12 amazing programs all focused on removing barriers to education for displaced and disadvantaged children. They provide basic essentials such as clothing, shoes, coats and toiletries, as well as sports scholarships and birthday gifts to give a sense of normalcy to these children’s lives. A Precious Child prides themselves on improving the quality of life and ultimately stopping the cycle of poverty at young ages by wrapping children in need with services that empower them to succeed.

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We asked Bethany, head of marketing for A Precious Child, a few questions to help us understand more about the organization and a few of their outstanding programs:



We love that A Precious Child has a boutique for poverty-stricken families to shopPrecious Boutique. Why is this important to your organization?


We strive to make our shopping experience as dignified and uplifting as possible for our families. Whether a family visits our Resource Center, which is a full retail-like environment where families can shop at no cost for baby clothes, baby gear, clothing for men, women and children, shoes, books, toys, housewares, and more, or one of our Precious Boutiques, which are smaller satellite Resource Centers located inside some schools and local establishments, we want everyone to leave prepared, happy and hopeful.



Where do you find these families, or children in need?


The 2016 Colorado Kids count noted that there are over 190,000 children in Colorado living in poverty. We work with over 260 agency partners who assess the need in the community and refer families and children to us. Our agency partners include: schools, health and human services, churches, hospitals, safe houses, fire and police departments, at-risk youth centers, homeless shelters, mental health and foster care organizations.



We are really looking forward to our event with A Precious Child! You are requesting that we donate items for older children for your Precious Gift program. What is the Precious Gift program?


Precious Gift is a wonderful program that provides gifts to children who would otherwise go without during IMG_0772monumental times in their lives such as birthdays and during the holiday seasons. During the holiday season, Precious Gift strives to fulfill the holiday wishes of thousands of children in Colorado through the support of the local community. We place Giving Trees at various malls and events during the holiday season where community members are encouraged to take a gift tag that represents a child’s top three holiday wishes. The gifts are purchased and returned to our offices with the tag and we provide the gifts to the parents unwrapped with wrapping supplies so that they can be involved in the holiday fun as well! We are specifically requesting teen gifts because, unfortunately, teen gifts are among the least likely to be selected from our giving trees out in the community. All children are precious in our eyes and we would love your help in ensuring everyone is able to celebrate this holiday season.



What are you most excited about for your partnership with Cocktails for a Cause?


As a growing nonprofit in Colorado, we were so impressed by the amazing work Cocktails for a Cause does in support of local nonprofits, so partnering was an absolute dream and we are so very excited to have been selected. Every donation, every new volunteer, every new connection this brings to A Precious Child will help the children and families we serve and we could not be more grateful.



We love a good success story! Please share with us one of your favorite experiences from A Precious Child:


There are so many it’s hard to choose! One of our favorites would have to be a sweet young mother we have been able to work with and really see her family thrive. (Please note I’ve changed the name for privacy.)Learning Center-2

Imagine you are a 17-year-old girl and you find out you are going to have a baby. You know that you will not receive support from the father and you come from a broken home yourself. This is Maria’s story, a scared teenager who in a moment became more adult than any child should. Maria struggled in school most of her life with a mild learning disability and lack of access to clothing and other necessities. As a result, her attendance began to suffer. Maria’s mother did her best to provide but struggling with a single income she inevitably fell short.

When Maria received the news that she was soon to be a mother, this amazing young woman looked to her teachers for assistance, knowing she could not do this on her own. Her teachers referred her to a place that could provide her with clothing for herself, educational materials for new moms, formula, diapers, baby clothes, toys and more at no cost. That place was A Precious Child.

Maria’s little boy is now two years old and with the support A Precious Child has provided, this new little family is thriving. Maria is working toward her G.E.D. with a plan to go into nursing and her adorable little boy is testing advanced for his age. A Precious Child provided more than essentials for Maria and her son, they provided hope and that at the end of the day is what it’s all about.


Best part about being a part of A Precious Child?


APC It is truly amazing to work somewhere where every day you know that the work you are doing in some way is helping make a child’s life a little bit better. No matter the reason a child or family comes to us, we get to send them home with a backpack, or supplies, or clothing, or whatever essential they were missing. Together, we are removing the barriers that could negatively affect their education and empowering each child to be successful as a result.



Five words to describe helping people when they need it most:

Hope, dignity, respect, collaboration, compassion, honor.

It is an honor to work with the families that we serve. People come to us from all walks of life and every day we are amazed at the strength and resilience of those we serve.


Join Cocktails for a Cause October 19 @

Wings Over the Rockies to support A Precious Child.


Cocktails for a Cause is now charging a $10 attendance fee.

Advance tickets will be available here soon. Tickets will also be available at the door.