My Make Studio ~ A Cocktails for a Cause Featured Women-Owned Business

my make logoDo you want to know how to win as quickly as possible? Play with the free online pokies real money no deposit right now. There's a lot of money and fun! Over the years, Cocktails for a Cause has had the fortune of introducing many wonderful and unique women-owned businesses, but this one is especially sweet. My Make Studio is not only a bakery, but Denver’s one and only do-it-yourself cake and cupcake decorating studio. My Make Studio is ideal for kids and adults looking to channel their inner pastry chef, or anyone who is a looking for a customized cake order.

Hurry up and start winning with lotto online spiele at our casino. Limited supply! My Make Studio is run by 26-year-old Linda, who grew up in Atlanta, Ga., where her mom and grandma specialized in making wedding cakes. Before purchasing the studio, Linda had earned her master’s in social work at the University of Denver and started working with at-risk youth. In 2014, she met her now husband and his two adopted teenage boys. Linda decided to revisit her family roots, so she left social work and bought My Make Studio as a way to pursue something more fun for the whole family.


We asked Linda a few questions about My Make Studio and the challenges and rewards of being of business owner.


How did you become the owner of My Make Studio?

IMG_3168A woman opened “MAKE” in November of 2014. I went in as a customer with the at-risk kids from my nonprofit to do an activity in December of 2014. The woman called me right after New Year’s and said she had a midlife crisis and that the studio was meant to be mine. I officially purchased the studio and took over in March of 2015 and changed the name to “My Make Studio.”


What types of events and parties does My Make Studio have?

We host birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, team-building activities and holiday events. You can book a party right on our website on the reservation page. We also have a beer and wine license! No BYOB but we have a great assortment of beer and wine that ranges from $2.50–$6 and $25/bottle.

On top of cakes and cupcakes, we also do gingerbread house workshops in December. These are a total blast and last December we made over 500 gingerbread houses!


You also have camps and classes for kids. What has been the most rewarding parts of teaching kids how to be creative at My Make Studio?

The very first thing I wanted to do when opening the studio was host a summer camp. I loved the idea of my make having kids in the kitchen learning how to use all of the commercial equipment. Last summer was our first time running camps and we had over 160 kids attend camp. So far this summer we have over 250 kids and counting—five more weeks of summer camp to go if anyone wants to sign up! The 10–14-year-old group gets to bake, level, fill, crumb layer, and fondant a cake from scratch!


You are young to have accomplished so much! What advice would you give women of any age venturing out to start businesses?

Be confident in your product! I was super nervous my first year and basically offered everyone a discount. Once I realized that my pricing was good and my product was a total blast, I was more confident in receiving the payment I deserved. Customer service is hard for a young woman too. It’s hard to find the balance between pleasing the customer and sticking up for your studio and staff. I was also very nervous to 20150615_090406have employees and be someone’s boss at such a young age. Once I had the right policies and rules and procedures in place, my personality could shine through with staff without having to be the scary boss lady!


You recently had a baby. How have you managed to balance business and new motherhood?

Great question! I am lucky because we have two adopted teenage boys who help out a lot. We are redefining the modern family! I have an incredible manager, Jill, who does an amazing job managing the day-to-day work at the studio so I can focus at home with my baby and the bigger picture for the studio.


What do you love most about being part of the Cocktails for a Cause community?

I meet people from Cocktails all over the place! I have had several customers come into the studio and tell me I need to join this amazing organization called Cocktails and I love telling them I’m already a member. I love supporting a different nonprofit every event as well. It brings a completely different feel to each event and really opens my eyes to great organizations I didn’t know about already.


Best tips for any at home baker looking to up their game?my make

Forget calories—dessert is supposed to be filled with everything yummy!!!


What is your favorite cupcake flavor combination?

Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing all the way!


Most influential woman to you is …

My mom! That might sound corny but she has raised me to be the woman I am today. She instilled confidence as she taught me how to be a mother even though I never imagined at 26 I would have a 15- and 14-year-old and a newborn. My mom is a hard worker and has an incredible heart. She taught me everything I know in the kitchen and she is the most creative woman I know!


Linda Sudowski | My Make Studio Owner

The best music to listen to while in the kitchen is …

Bruno Mars Pandora. So upbeat and fun and that way I can dance while I bake!


Three words to describe running My Make Studio: