Cocktails for a Cause for a Crisis


Our Story:

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and we’re growing. These committed individuals have shown us that by giving items requested by our worthy nonprofit organizations—over 250,000 items to date—that we can make a huge impact on our local community. You can trust our hands to deliver needed items where they will make a great difference to so many. To that end, whenever our community is in a crisis, we’ve created Cocktails for a Cause for a Crisis to aid in the recovery phase. Do you want to know how to win as quickly as possible? Play with the real money pokies no deposit bonus right now. There's a lot of money and fun! We will harness the power of our growing database of caring, compassionate women to help in a time of special need.

Purpose Statement:

• We will help our local community when a crisis arises in our area and will aid
in the recovery phase. We will help with one crisis per year.
• We will collect in-kind donations (items) and money that will be used to
purchase in-kind donations (items).
• We are partnering with A Precious Child, a 501(c)(3) in Colorado, to collect
and distribute donations.
• We will do a 7-day drive for items that are needed that can be delivered to
15 drop-off sites.
• We will send e-notices with the locations and final drop location.
• On the last day of the drive, we will meet in one location for several hours.
• This will be the final drop-off location. The organization’s truck will take everything
from there.
• Cocktails for a Cause will not be responsible for counting the items.
• We will send out a notice in our Cocktails for a Cause newsletter of approximately what we
• We will not be doing any tax letters since this is a crisis situation and no tracking
will take place; however, we will provide a general donation form to donors.